12 Tips for Decorating a Conservatory Like a Pro

A conservatory is an amazing way to add some extra space to the home. As well as providing an escape where you can relax and unwind, a conservatory can be a great place to entertain guests when the great British weather lives up to its reputation!


But while conservatories offer all sorts of opportunities for their owners, a lot depends on how they’re decorated. Many people simply go out and buy the first things they see for their conservatories and sadly the results are often underwhelming.


Conservatories are pretty basic constructions and without some sophisticated choices in the decor department, they can often feel bland and characterless. This is why it’s important to know what to use in your conservatory, so you can get the most from your expensive investment. So, if you’re looking for ideas when decorating a conservatory to ensure your brand new space reaches its full potential then you came to the right place.


Choose the Right Furniture


Selecting the correct furniture will be the most important decision you make when it comes to decorating a conservatory. Get it right, and you’ll be left with a welcoming, comfortable-looking space that you’ll hardly want to leave. Get it wrong, and you could completely spoil the aesthetic of your conservatory,


When it comes to conservatories, you simply can’t go wrong with rattan furniture. I know, we’re bound to say that, right? But hear us out!  As well as projecting a chic, luxurious and elegant look, rattan furniture is also tolerant of heat and humidity, meaning it won’t split or discolour when your conservatory heats up during the warmer months. Our double woven rattan furniture is also incredibly strong, meaning as well as being visually-appealing, these products are incredibly durable and hard-wearing.


Consider the Furniture’s Positioning


As well as selecting the correct furniture, you’ll need to make sure it’s placement in your conservatory. Consider the sun’s position throughout the day - you may or may not want to sit directly in front of it. While some furniture may be damaged by the sun’s rays, all of our rattan products come with UV protection so you needn’t worry about any colour fade.


Don’t be Afraid to Get Creative


A contemporary conservatory is a blank canvas - view it as an opportunity to get creative and turn it into a space that says “you”. Many good conservatory designers use flashes of colour in the furniture and accessories to contrast the neutral tones of the space. Use colour well and you can add some life to an otherwise boring and lifeless conservatory.


Wall graphics and vinyls are also great ways to add decoration, although make sure these are in keeping with the tone of your conservatory as used incorrectly they can quickly look out of place.


Choose the Right Paint

Selecting the correct colours can make all the difference with your conservatory. Traditionally, light and neutral tones have been popular and these colours usually mesh nicely with the conservatory’s aesthetic, although that’s not to say you can’t go for something a little more bold. Again, thinking outside the box is encouraged as long as the colours match the furniture and style of your conservatory, so don’t be afraid to employ a little creativity if it feels right.


Try to Avoid Using Wallpaper


Some people prefer to use wallpaper when decorating, while others would rather use paint - when it comes to conservatories, however, there’s no contest. Over time, most wallpaper will fade due to the intense sunlight, so we’d always advise using paint, unless you’re open to the idea of regular redecoration.


Use Plants

Your conservatory is a bridge between the house and the garden, so using plants can be a good way of bringing the outdoors in. Whether or not you use real or artificial plants for a conservatory is totally your call, although if you go with natural make sure you select durable plants and keep them well watered as they’ll be facing a lot of sunshine.


You can also grow fruits and vegetables in your conservatory. If you install some sort of heating system, you can grow exotic fruits such as peaches, oranges and avocados, or if you opt not to heat your conservatory you can still grow lemons, grapefruits and vegetables.


Glass Glass Glass!


If your conservatory is yet to be built, consider going all glass. While this may add a few digits to the overall cost, the natural light your conservatory will receive will make the premium well worth it.


Fire Pit Table


If you’re looking for a magnificent centrepiece that’s sure to be the focal point of any conservatory then you found it. Fire pit tables create a beautiful, warm and cosy aesthetic, and they’re sure to keep you and your guests snug once the sun has retired for the day. 


All of our gas-fuelled tables come with a heat adjustable stainless steel pit, meaning you can crank up the temperature as and when you need. Thanks to our fire pit tables and the tremendous heat they can radiate, you’ll now be able to sit in your conservatory even in the colder months, meaning it’s no longer off-limits when the temperatures plummet.


Use Light Well

Light is one of the most important considerations with a conservatory. While it’s important to make the most of the light, too much will make it feel uninviting. Using blinds can be an effective way of creating a good balance, giving your conservatory enough light while removing the need to wear sunglasses indoors!


Use a Hard Floor

Remember, your conservatory is a gateway to the garden. This means that any carpet could end up being stained over time, so we’d always advise a hard, easy-to-clean floor. That way, any footprints or dirt brought into the conservatory from the garden can be cleaned up effortlessly.


Log Burner


If you’re a little short on space but would still like the warmth and coziness a fire pit table would bring, a log burner is another great way to turn your conservatory into a snug escape. Not only will a log burner give off warmth during the colder months, but the flames will add a nice aesthetic, too.


Don’t Overdo It!


Okay, so after suggesting so many things to include, this may seem slightly contradictory. However, there are ways of adding these things to your conservatory without making it look cluttered. Try to keep accessories and ornaments to a minimum in order to retain the natural aesthetic - less is more!


A conservative should be a place where you can escape and catch up on some much-needed you time. Decorating your conservative properly can make all the difference so take our handy tips and advice to ensure you get the most out of your relaxing retreat. 

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