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How is your summer going so far, and have you managed to get out in the garden much? With weekend now approaching, it is the perfect opportunity for you to take some time out and enjoy a little relaxation in your garden. Here at Moda Furnishings, we supply our customers with a wide range of rattan outdoor furniture, perfect for a spot of relaxation.

To us garden furniture is just as important as the furnishings you have inside your home, your garden is after all, an extension of your home. Many home owners take great pride in their gardens, decorating them with a number of exciting accessories, alongside beautiful greenery, and colourful flowers. For some people, their garden furniture becomes a focal point within their garden. In today's article we are going to take a quick look at where garden furniture originated from.

We believe that garden furniture first came into prominence back in ancient Roman times. Roman gardens were said to be grand affairs, with enclosures created by hedges and even fences. The garden furniture of this age was made of stone, so it would have been mighty uncomfortable as you can imagine. Nothing could be further away from the comfort that our rattan outdoor furniture offers!

Perhaps Britain was first introduced to garden furniture in medieval times. Practical and stylish, this kind of garden furniture, is shown in many art pieces from this era. This type of furniture would have been surrounded by gardens full of flowers, herbs and crops.

It wasn't until Elizabethan times though, that gardens started to take the familiar shape that we know them as today. Gardens may still have been seen as a statement of wealth, however, more and more people in Europe bought into properties with enough space for a garden. This was the birth of light weight garden chairs. A little closer to the 19th Century and garden furniture began to spring up in public gardens, and the park bench was born.

Fast-forward another 200 or so years, and most British homeowners now own some stylish garden furniture. For those still in need of their very own outdoor furniture, you best come to us here at Moda Furnishings. We stock a wide range of stunning rattan outdoor furniture, perfect for a garden space of any size. Visit our website today and see the full range of furniture for yourself.