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September’s here, and with it comes everyone’s TV cookery show – Bake Off. We’ll admit it, we’re addicted. When episode one aired we were glued to our screens, sizing up the new bakers, waiting for the first innuendos and of course, wondering what on earth Noel was wearing.

The climax of each season of GBBO (now in its ninth airing, and second on Channel 4) is a massive garden party with a beautifully British décor. Brimming with bunting and baked goods, it’s every Bake Off fan’s dream to attend the exclusive soiree. But don’t worry, we’ve listed our top tips on how to throw your very own Great British Bake Off garden party. Let’s get baking.


Write a guestlist

Every party needs guests, and a GBBO party is no different. Write a list of who you’d like to invite, making note of who may want to bake and who can judge. Decide how serious you want the competition to be – you don’t want to scare off any novice bakers! Once you’ve drawn up your list, send out some cute British invites. Sneaky tip - you can even download an official GBBO party pack complete with score cards!

bake off

Plan the contest 

Pick your venue, then decide on the competition set up. A traditional Bake Off showdown would involve your bakers creating their masterpieces on the day, but it may involve a lot of clean up in your kitchen! If it’s more practical, you can get them to prepare their entries at home and bring them for the party, but beware of cheats. Set a theme, or come up with a set recipe that’s simple enough for everyone to attempt.

garden party

Decorate your garden

As the date of your event nears, you’ll want to start planning your garden décor. You don’t have to go all out and set up a marquee (a gazebo should do), but you’ll definitely want to get some bunting involved. Ensure you’ve got plenty of seating for your guests, or opt for a relaxed vibe with beanbags and cute deckchairs. After all, it’s crucial that everyone has somewhere to sit and enjoy their tea and cakes!


Set up a tasting area

Make sure that you’ve got ample room to display everyone’s lovely cakes, because no doubt everyone will want to crowd around to get a good look. Cover your surface in a tablecloth to protect it from crumbs, and lay out plenty of plates, napkins and cutlery for your cake-loving guests. You could always lay out the sweet treats on a rattan dining table from Moda, which would allow you to sit and enjoy some great cake and company after the all-important judging.

bake off winner

Eyes on the prize

It wouldn’t be a contest without a prize, and although the pride of being a master baker should be enough, it’s nice to offer a physical accolade for your chosen winner. If you’re crafty you could design a homemade certificate to hand to your victor, or you could offer something more tangible like a voucher for afternoon tea.

Hosting your very own Great British Bake Off garden party is a great way to enjoy your gorgeous garden. If you’ve hosted your own party, we’d love to see it! Follow us on Instagram for the latest garden trends and inspiration.