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Outdoor Fire Pit Tables

Looking for a way to keep warm outside during your evening soirees? Our unique Fire Pit Tables combine an outstanding design to complement any modern outdoor furnishings with a practical central fire pit. Our selection comes in a wide range of pre-configured combinations to suit your needs whether its drinks around the table or a fire lit meal in the evening. Our fire pit tables can be combined with our accessories range so you could start cooking at the table for some delectable hot food to hand for you and your guests. Using robust materials that are designed to withstand the elements you can have some peace of mind knowing that your chosen set will continue looking as good as new long after your purchase. Here at Moda we believe in giving you the outdoor living experience you want, with this in mind our pre-configured sets have been designed to be completely modular, visit one of our showrooms or talk to one of our experts over the phone so we can help you achieve your outdoor vision.

  • Charcoal Fire Pit
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