All of our products are designed to require minimal care and maintenance. However, a bit of TLC can not only retain the quality and comfort of your furniture for years to come but can help ensure they’re ready to be enjoyed at the drop of a hat.


Following these recommendations can help prolong the life of your furniture:

General Care & Maintenance

Assemble by hand only – please do not use power tools.

Do not open cushion packaging with knives or scissors as this will void the warranty. 

Our furniture is UV and frost resistant and can be left outdoors.


The furniture frames can be rinsed with a hose and a non-abrasive sponge for cleaning.

Spillages should be immediately cleaned with soapy water and non-abrasive cloth.

Refrain from leaving glass objects on glass tops for long periods – the magnification can damage the rattan underneath the glass top.

Cushion Care

Cushions and accessories should not be stored underneath furniture when covered and not in use as they are not weather resistant. 

Cushions should be stored indoors in a dry, cool place when not in use.

It is also recommended not to store cushions in direct sunlight.

The majority of cushion covers can be removed and washed on a 30-degree cycle. Please check any labels.

Please air-dry cushions only.


Parasols should always have a weighted base.

Parasols should be stored away when not in use and in high wind conditions.

Gas Fire Pits

The crushed glass needs to be cleaned separately using soapy water.

The stainless steel insert and lid can be cleaned with a scotch bright cloth and soapy water.

Remove and store parts separately when the gas fire pit is not in use.

Take extra care when removing and re-assembling the glass surrounds.

Burning any kind of fuel near products can cause discolouration and should be expected. We recommend using fire stove paint to touch up any product discolouration caused by heat.

Charcoal Fire Pits

Charcoal inserts should be removed and stored in a cool dry area when not in use.

Inserts can be cleaned with soapy water and non-abrasive cloths.

Good to know

Our rattan furniture is carefully handwoven from synthetic all-weather rattan. 

Woven tabletops may move during hot weather which is due to the natural expansion of the material – this is perfectly normal, and the rattan will return to its original form as it cools down.

All-weather covers are available to help protect furniture against dust, dirt, and wildlife when not in use.

Our furniture is backed by a 7-year guarantee.

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