Rattan Furniture Care Guide

After purchasing a brand-new rattan set you will surely want to keep it looking pristine for when you are hosting your alfresco gatherings. This guide will run through the most effective ways to clean and maintain your set, so it continues looking as good as new.

Our sets use PE (Polyethylene) rattan along with powder-coated aluminium frames, this combination is the best in terms of weather resistance. PE rattan is excellent for resistance to rain, snow, frost and even UV rays whilst powder coated aluminium frames will suffer from no rust so your set will last much longer than other rattan sets.

Thanks to this, minimal maintenance is required although any set will still need a clean from time to time, removing dirt and mildew. To do this we recommend a brush or vacuum, for smaller awkward spaces where dirt is difficult to remove, we recommend something smaller like a toothbrush. When using a cloth to clean your furniture we recommend something soft with highly diluted washing up liquid, avoiding harsh chemicals. If chemicals are too harsh and used to clean your set repeatedly this could do some damage over time and bleach the colour.

How long does rattan last?

Rattan sets can vary greatly in terms of their longevity depending on what materials they are made from. Our PE weaves combined with the powder-coated aluminium frames are the best for all-weather resistance and so will last a long time, especially if well maintained. These sets can last well up to 10 years or even 20 if regularly maintained and combined with a cover.


We have a wide selection of covers to go with our sets. Although not necessary we would still recommend using one as this will better keep your set protected from dirt and outdoor debris such as leaves but will also contribute to your set lasting even longer overall. All of our covers are weather resistant.

Storing & caring for your furniture cushions & scatter cushions

All of our cushion covers are treated with a shower-proof coating and are constructed from premium, durable fabrics, however to keep them looking as fresh as the day they were purchased, washing and storing them correctly is a must. Rattan furniture cushion covers & scatter cushion covers should be washed at 30℃, whilst the cushion covers of our Contemporary Collections should be hand-washed to protect their internal waterproof membrane. All fabrics should be air-dried and we advise avoiding harsh chemicals; opt for non-bio products and choose a gente liquid detergent as opposed to a powder. The best thing you can do to keep your outdoor cushions in prime condition for years to come is to store them in a cool, dry place for the periods of time they are least in use. If you're struggling for space indoors, we have a selection of stylish outdoor storage boxes that have each been designed to suit your garden furniture’s style.

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Moving furniture properly

Rattan furniture is sturdy and quite light compared to other furniture making it easy to move although we would still advise caution when moving the last thing you want is to damage your set or something else in the process of moving. When moving we advise moving by holding the pieces by there frames as this is the sturdiest part.

Clean up spills immediately

In terms of general daily maintenance, we advise that you clean up any spills as soon as they happen to prevent surfaces being stained. We would also advise not leaving glasses out on the table particularly in strong sunlight as the glass can magnify the sun leading to potential discolouration.

Protecting furniture feet

Feet are often overlooked with furniture sets however this can lead to surfaces or the feet themselves being damaged. Damaged feet such as dents or scuffs can ultimately lead to an unbalanced set so we would always highly recommend listing the set off the floor and never dragging it.

Avoiding direct exposure to sun

By using PE (polyethylene) our furniture is more resistant to fading and other UV damage making it last longer than other materials.

Our sets have all colours placed through high-intensity UV tests simulating over 1500 hours of direct sunlight as part of an ISO 105-B02:2014 test measuring the lightfastness rating. This test identifies the resistance from exposure to light and is based on a 5-step scale 1 being worst and 5 being the best, so you can feel confident your set will continue looking pristine even when sitting in direct sunlight.

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