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0161-683-0158 Sales: 0161-683-0158

Phone lines open 9am - 9pm

Free Nationwide Delivery in 1-8 Working Days.

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  • The History of Garden Furniture

    Everything we see, touch or learn about has some kind of a history to it. Coffee cups have a history, wood has a history and garden furniture has a history. Here at Moda Furnishings, we are interested in the history of our range of garden furniture, which why we’ve decided to dedicate this blog to just that…

    Greek Era

    The garden itself was created shortly after the Claudian Invasion of 43CE and introduced designs like hedges and fences being combined with orchards. It is said that garden furniture can be traced back to the Roman and Greek eras where people we known to sit upon stone benches in these new outdoor gardens. In fact, evidence of these were found in Pompeii and are thought to be the oldest surviving examples.

    Medieval Era

    During this time gardening was not a major concern however some progress in the history of garden furniture still took place and the turf bench became a recognisable aspect of a medieval garden. They rose in likeability through the art they had featured on them in the 15th century.

    Elizabethan Era

    The introduction of the 17th century saw landscaping, gardening and design become more common in Europe and it was thought that a well-constructed garden controlled natures wrath. With urban spaces growing, the demand for seating that would remain day and night did too which led to the creation of the Windsor chair. Civil areas like parks in the 19th century added to this demand and eventually the ‘park bench’ that we know of today emerged.

    21st Century

    With modern life the concept of outdoor furniture has bloomed in ways the Greek could’ve only imagined and thanks to electricity allowing for more outdoor events to take place, the need for garden furniture has become much more popular. Plus, the range of colours, styles and materials that have developed means that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to garden furniture.

    Learning all about something is always exciting and it’s odd to find out how much happened in the past to provide us with the things we have today. The team here at Moda Furnishings love educating our readers with our education blogs! For more information, get in contact with a member of the team today and we’d be happy to help you with any queries relating to our rattan garden furniture range!

  • How To Enjoy Your Garden In 2017

    This weekend looks set to be yet another scorcher, and so you’re bound to want nothing more than to get out into the garden and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. With temperatures expected to soar, there’s just no better way to spend this weekend than relaxing in the sun with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other.

    The last thing any of us want is to end up stuck inside during the hottest weekend of the year so far, and so it’s time to start thinking about how you want to make the most of the sunny weather. Without a plan, you might miss out on all the sunshine, and so our team at Moda thought we’d give you some quick tips on enjoying your garden in the summer heat.

    • Catch A Tan!

    Let’s face it, nobody likes to have a pasty white complexion, and that’s why so many people try to get out into the sunshine and get themselves a little bit of a tan. There’s no need to go crazy here- we understand sun bathing isn’t for everyone- but one of the best things about summer is catching some rays and bronzing up! We provide luxury sun loungers that are absolutely perfect for catching some rays!


    • Host a BBQ

    When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, there’s nothing better than getting a few friends round and firing up the BBQ.  The smell of the cooking meats, the sound of bottles being popped open and the taste of a delicious burger- what could be better? Moda offer a range of top quality outdoor dining sets that are all absolutely perfect for hosting a BBQ to remember- you could even pick out something from our gas firepit range! With plush cushions and comfortable chairs, you’ll be serving up burgers in style!


    • A Little “Me Time”

    When the birds are singing merrily  in the trees and their isn’t a cloud in the sky, there’s nothing better than getting out there and relaxing in the midst of it all. After a hard day at work, it’s important to enjoy a little “me time” to unwind- and this is always best enjoyed in the great outdoors! If you want to conquer any feelings of stress, relaxing in some of our wonderful rattan garden furniture will let you do just that!

    Here at Moda, we provide the best rattan garden furniture around- and our products will let you enjoy this summer (and many more to come) like no other!

  • Let’s Talk About Rattan

    Contrary to belief, rattan can actually be used in two forms; natural and man-made. In terms of natural rattan, there are around 600 difference species of the palms which are native to certain regions of Africa and Asia. It can be distinguished by its slender stems that tend to be 2-5cm in diameter- however it is not a tree but more of a vine. In this blog, the team here at Moda Furnishings are going to talk about all things rattan related…

    If you were to glance at it, rattan is a very similar to bamboo however unlike a bamboo shoot, it is not hollow from the inside and a rattan stem needs additional support in order to stand tall. It is thought that around 75% of rattan plants grow in Indonesia and the majority is grown in what are called secondary forests, which are where most of the trees are young in age and the forest floor light levels are higher. Rattan is a plant that climbs and can even grow to 100 metres in length.

    One of the main attractions of rattan is its versatility which means that it can be easily moulded into different looks. It is a lightweight material which looks great indoors and outdoors and is widely known for its use in the furniture industry.

    For the best rattan garden furniture around, get in contact with a member of the team here at Moda Furnishings. All of our furniture is made from the best sourced rattan possible in order to ensure that it is perfect for your summer needs!

  • 3 Reasons Your Dad Will Love Rattan Garden Furniture

    Our poor old dads, eh? There’s always such a fuss surrounding Mother’s Day, what with the bombardment of television adverts and special promotional offers, that Father’s Day always seems to be placed a little on the backburner. Whether this is because we’re still worn out from stressing over Mother’s Day or because dads just aren’t as bothered, remains to be seen- but one thing’s for certain, your dad is bound to appreciate a thoughtful gift.

    But what can you get him that’s a little extra special? If he’s already got all of the latest technology and getting him a beer just doesn’t feel like quite enough, then it can become difficult to find something that he’ll really appreciate. Dads can be so hard to buy for because they’re notoriously laid back when it comes to things like Father’s Day, so you really do need to use your imagination to get him a gift to remember!

    Well, we’re here at Moda to run you through why rattan garden furniture is guaranteed to make the perfect Father’s Day gift, because your dad is going to absolutely love it.

    • A Place To Relax

    Let’s face it, almost every dad in the world likes to take the time to relax on his days off. After a hard day at work, there’s simply nothing better than heading out into the garden and reclining in a sun lounger- a drink in one hand and a bottle of sun cream in the other. With our furniture ranges, you’ll be able to provide your dad with a fantastic place to relax in, while also giving him chance to make the most of the summer weather!


    • Ultimate Comfort

    It just doesn’t get much more comfortable than rattan garden furniture, and Moda Furnishings can’t be matched in terms of plush cushions and luxury materials. It’s all very well and good deciding to get your dad some furniture to use in the warm weather, but what’s the point if it isn’t very comfortable? If you’re leaning towards garden furniture this Father’s Day, then choose Moda for the highest levels of comfort available!


    • Get The BBQ Going!

    When the sun’s out and the sky is clear, there’s just nothing better than firing up the barbecue and enjoying some delicious burgers. Well, not only do we offer a variety of luxury garden furniture products, we also offer gas firepit products that are absolutely perfect for hosting a barbecue. With the grill set in the middle of the table, your dad will soon be hosting the best barbecues of the summer!

    Moda Furnishings provide the best rattan garden furniture around, so please get in touch if you’d like to choose something from our range this Father’s Day!

  • Using Rattan Garden Furniture In The Rain

    It’s fairly likely that each and every one of our lovely readers will join us in a chorus of “rain, rain go away!” We’ve been subjected to days of heavy rains and drenching showers, just as we were all gearing up for one of the sunniest summers in recent memory. The weather in April and May was so promising that many of us already had our sun cream at the ready, but it seems as though we’re being forced to wait a little longer for the truly gorgeous weather.

    But it’s not all doom and gloom, because Britain is still expecting an incredibly sunny summer period, with experts citing the recent downpours as the “storm before the calm.” You might also be cursing your bad luck after heading out and buying some of our fantastic rattan garden furniture to enjoy the sun- only for the weather to have other ideas.

    Well, fortunately there are plenty of ways for you to combat the rain and enjoy your brand new furniture, and we’re here at Moda to show you how:

    • Parasols To The Rescue

    Okay, so we understand if you’re currently gazing out your back window and thinking that there’d be nothing worse than sitting out in that slanting rain. However, the air is still incredibly humid and close, meaning that many homes feel incredibly hot and stuffy. The best way to combat this is by heading out for some fresh air, and one of our parasols will keep you and your furniture dry! After all, when does a little rain really deter us Brits from venturing outside?

    • Weather-Resistant

    The real beauty of rattan garden furniture not only lies in the stylish designs and plush materials, but also the fact that they are completely weather-resistant. This means you don’t need to worry about leaving anything out in the rain, so you can enjoy your furniture all year-round, regardless of what the weather is doing! Although we understand that rattan furniture is best enjoyed in the blazing sun, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it in the rain too!

    When it comes to rattan garden furniture, it just doesn’t get any better than Moda Furnishings- so please get in touch with our dedicated team today!

  • Find The Perfect Dining Sofa Combo For You!

    You may spend a significant amount of time gazing out of your back window, staring across your outdoor space and wondering what on earth it’s missing. Your plants are taking bloom and look absolutely gorgeous, your lawn is looking a deep green, and your patio has been recently hosed down. But something isn’t quite right, and you can’t escape the feeling that your garden is severely lacking something.

    By now, you’ve probably heard about the growing popularity of rattan garden furniture, and it’s only natural that you start to wonder whether that’s exactly what your garden is missing. After all, an outdoor space to really relax in is something that every homeowner craves, and it just doesn’t get more comfortable or stylish than our range of rattan sofa dining combo’s.

    The only problem is that, after spending so long on your plants, patio and fences, you’re worried about whether such a large set would fit the aesthetics of your garden. Well, we’re here at Moda to put that worry to bed once and for all, because we give you the opportunity to get your hands on the perfect set for you.

    • Configure Your Own

    You might be thinking that your garden just isn’t big enough to hold such a large rattan furniture set, or that we don’t offer a sofa big enough to meet your requirements. Well, you don’t need to fret about wither of these things anymore because, with Moda, you have the chance to configure your very own set. So whether you want to remove a seat or add a couple more- size is never a problem. This means we can provide a sofa dining combo for gardens of all sizes.

    • Different Designs

    Many homeowners take great pride in their outdoor space- and so they should, because there simply isn’t a better way to spend a sunny day than relaxing in the garden! So this means that there may be specific themes, colours and patterns running throughout your carefully-crafted landscape, and so you want your furniture to complement it. Moda offer a range of different sofa dining sets, so you have a choice of various colours and weaves- and can pick out the best one for you.

    Here at Moda, we provide the best rattan garden furniture around, so have a look through our site to see the fantastic products we have available!

  • 3 Steps To Mastering Garden Furniture

    2017 may be subjecting us to another General Election and yet another poor series of Britain’s Got Talent, but that doesn’t stop the fact that it’s also been one of the warmest years in recent memory- and it’s only just the beginning of June! The sun has truly been shining over the past few weeks and, even when the skies have been a little overcast, British temperatures have continued to soar.

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  • Why Do You Need Rattan Garden Furniture?

    Summer has finally arrived and the UK is doing what it does best – complaining that it’s too warm! Despite this, the team here at Moda Furnishings believe that there are many ways to enjoy the warm weather this summer and our range of rattan garden furniture has something to do with it. After all, where else will you relax in your back yard? Here are a our top three benefits that can be gained from rattan garden furniture…

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  • What Garden Furniture Looks Like In 2017

    As with most other products and industries, garden furniture is a constantly changing and evolving market. What with the constant introduction of more durable frames, comfortable cushions and innovative designs, we at Moda Furnishings do everything we possibly can to stay ahead of the game. Everything in our extensive range is capable of keeping your garden on trend, and you’ll soon have the best outdoor space around!

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  • How To Make The Most of Your Bank Holiday

    For many of us, this is one of our favourite times of the year- not only does the weather turn much warmer and the sky much bluer, we are also treated to a whole load of Bank Holidays. With the sun in the sky and the birds singing from the treetops, there’s certainly no better time for us to enjoy an extra-long weekend, and so you need to make absolutely sure that you make the most of it.

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