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0161-683-0158 Sales: 0161-683-0158

Phone lines open 9am - 9pm

Free Nationwide Delivery in 1-8 Working Days.

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  • How to create a low maintenance garden

    If you’re a fan of ‘Gardeners World’ or addicted to Pinterest like the rest of us, then you’ll know that huge gardens sound fantastic in theory. But in reality, there are very few people who can keep on top of acres of land - it’s a full-time job in itself. Continue reading

  • Expert advice on pond cleaning

    If you’re lucky enough to have a decent amount of space in your garden, then a pond is a fantastic addition. Not only does it attract a plethora of useful wildlife to your garden, but it also sets a certain ambience that you can’t get anywhere else. Continue reading

  • The best garden flowers for bees

    Especially in summer, our gardens are home to a huge abundance of creepy crawlies that play an incredibly important role in pollinating our plants. But unfortunately their numbers are dropping everywhere, thanks to the use of pesticides and destruction of their natural habitats. Continue reading

  • How to kill weeds (and keep them away)

    Nothing ruins a picture perfect garden more than unsightly weeds poking their heads out of the ground amongst your beloved flowers. But the last thing you want is to destroy the nutritious quality of the soil, so you’re reluctant to resort to harsh chemicals. Who said you have to? Our guide on how to kill weeds will help you using things you can find in and around the house.

    Continue reading

  • Lawn care tips for beginner gardeners

    If you’ve never had a lawn before – or at least, never been responsible for one – you could be forgiven for thinking that you simply mow it every so often and that’s your lawn care done and dusted.

    However, as avid gardeners ourselves with many years of experience in getting our hands well and truly dirty and with lawn care tips aplenty, we know that there’s much more that goes into growing healthy grass.

    Continue reading

  • Small garden design ideas to make the most of your space

    Not every home has the large and luscious garden that many of us dream about. Spacious gardens may be becoming a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean that your days of gardening are done.

    With many homes having at least some form of outdoor space many of them can be transformed with a little tweak here and then, and a crazy notion or two. To help you out, we’ve put together some of our favourite small garden design ideas to show you just how easy it can be.

    Continue reading

  • 4 best winter garden plants for adding much-needed colour

    For many horticulturalists - both budding and fully grown - the winter season is a time to putting their feet up after a long year of hard garden grafting before the cold weather hits. Even the very thought of venturing out into your garden in the snow and rain can make you shiver!

    Looking after your garden in winter can be tough, yet there are some who see it as the perfect opportunity to create the beautiful garden the season deserves by injecting some much-needed colour and life. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

    But in order to do this, you’ll need to use some hardy winter garden plants that’ll survive the cold and frost. Not sure where to begin? Let us get you started!

    Continue reading

  • How to start a fire in a fire pit

    Enjoying your garden space is something that every homeowner wants. Whether it’s basking in the satisfaction of nurturing plants grown from seed, or simply having somewhere to sit out and enjoy the nice weather while you can.

    Even when the sun has gone down and the stars come out to play, there are plenty of opportunities to still enjoy your garden environment – one of which is installing a firepit in your garden. Perfect for cosy summer evenings and enjoying with friends and family, fire pits tick all the boxes.

    If you’re tempted, learn the basics here - including how to start a fire in a fire pit - why your garden needs one, and why we love them so much. Continue reading

  • 3 small balcony ideas for city living

    Living in a big city often means that you must give up the luxury of having a garden, opting instead for a balcony - still, space is space! While you may be mourning the loss of your lawn, your flower beds and planning your spring garden with your feet up in the winter, it’s not the end of the world for your green thumb.

    With our collection of small balcony ideas, you can create your own little garden without the need for acres of land and lush rolling hills. Continue reading

  • How to get rid of garden pests (safely and naturally)

    You spend countless hours out in your garden creating the perfect home for nature, only to come out one day and find that some ungrateful beastie has taken a liking to your precious plants. Whether it’s your prized vegetable patch or your beautiful flower beds, pests are a gardener’s worst nightmare.

    With the question of “how to get rid of garden pests” on the mind of every gardener, we’ve come up with a few ways of preventing these bad boys from enjoying a midnight feast on your magnolias, in ways that are safe and natural for your garden. Continue reading

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