Commitment to Excellence

The project begins with the development of an idea within our in-house design team. Initial sketches are then jointly reviewed amongst our designers until a final selection of products are chosen to go forward to the next stage. We then translate these chosen ideas into reality. Prototype models are constructed to ensure that these items meet our five key aspects. This stage also enables us to see if any possible improvements can be made. Finally we choose the best products to go into full production.


As a proud member of ACID, we actively pursue any entity worldwide that copies Moda's unique designs. In line with our beliefs, we want our clients to receive unique, well-made pieces of furniture and are constantly striving to combat alternative cheaper, poorly made versions of our products. We want to give our customers peace of mind they have invested in the best materials, the best manufacturing processes and ultimately, the best design to ensure a beautiful, long lasting addition to their home.

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Design Brief

Every piece of furniture designed by Moda has to incorporate five key design aspects. It must be: unique, durable, high quality, practical and visually appealing; each range has its own story to tell.

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